Konstantin Komarek: – We prove in 3rd period that we can score goals

In the 1st day of IIHF World Championship div IA Austria beat Korea 3:2 SO. That was a hard game for one of the favourite to promotion to the top division. Game winning goal was scored by Konstantin Komarek. – We had a few chances in the first period so we could easly score 2 or 3 goals. Just the puck didn’t bounce in – he told.


Did you underestimate Korea?
Konstantin Komarek: – No, I don’t think we underestimate Korea. We knew they play fast hockey. They have a few Canadiens, few really good players too. We had a few chances in the first period so we could easly score 2 or 3 goals. Just the puck didn’t bounce in but we prove in 3rd period that we can score goals as well.
Do you think Korea lost they power in the 3rd period?
KK: – No, I don’t think so. I think we were a better team. We just kept going and we put the puck in the net.

Tomorrow next game with an Asian team. Japan would probably be even more dangerous opponent for you.
KK: – Yes, Japan play quite similar to Korea. They are fast too. We just need to play good in defence for entire 60 minutes and try to avoid mistakes as today and we shall win.
What do you need to improve?
KK: – Just the defensive games. No mistakes in defence and in our zone – that’s how we lost two goals versus Korea – and just put the puck in the net. We had couple of good chances today and I hope tomorrow puck is going to bounce in.


Alan Lyszczarczyk: – I’m glad that coach gave me a chance

We talked with Alan Lyszczarczyk of the Sudbury Wolves about the debut in the National Team of Poland, great performance of the U18 national team, OHL season and the future – mainly related with the draft to the NHL.

Jacek Kopcinski: What do you think about your debut in the National Team of Poland?

Alan Lyszczarczyk: – We won 8:2, so we played good and effectiveness. We played a good game but of course, it could always be better. Coach Jacek Płachta gave me a chance to play today, so I’m very happy. This is an opportunity for me both before the World Championships as well as before the NHL draft.

JK: This game came just after the U18 World Championship. The game against Lithuania was a big change of the levels?

AL: – Well, it was completely different opponent. Games at U18 World Championship were a completely different games; here we practiced different elements before the World Championships div. IA.

JK: At the tournament in Brasov you’ve beat all of the other team. I guess you could not expect so easy tournament…

AL: – Of course, we did not expect such an easy tournament. For every game we’ve approached with humility. From the first to the last minute we wanted to play at 100% and the game we pretend went off a lot of goals. Only in the first periods came out to us a little bit less, but we played better and better every minute.

JK: How other players welcome you in the National Team?

AL: – Everyone welcomed me very nice, although probably most of them remember more my father than me (laughs). We used to joke that I was walking on a representative locker room as there was reaching to their knees. But of course, everyone is very nice, everyone wants to help me.

JK: How do you find your chances to play at World Championship div IA?

AL: – I think we’d have to ask the coach about that. I’m trying to get a place in a team for this event. I want to show the best of me and we will see what will happen next.

JK: NHL draft soon. How do you approach to this event in your career?

AL: – I’m working on it his whole career – it’s a dream come true. So far it is only a list, but I’m proud that I found on them. To draft picks, but still a long way to go. Now I would like to get to the World Cup seniors show up and can thus increase their chance tournament to play in the NHL. Every month ranking changes, so do not look at it that I’m actually lower than I was before. It is managers of teams choosing players. To which the team would like to get? I do not really have a favorite team, because more football than watching NHL (laughs). I just want to get into this league and show what I can do – it’s my dream.

JK: Finally, how would you summarize the season in Sudbury Wolves?

AL: – It was a very great season, I’ve gathered 50 points, so I am very happy. The following season I want to improve this result, so you should wish me luck. The team was young, so we were at the end of the table, but we fought in every game. Each of the players approached the game with the intention of winning it. The next season many guys will stay at the team, so I think that will improve our position in the table.