J. Schleiss: I wanted to try to do it like Mikael Granlund

On Saturday training of HC Škoda Plzeň was great mood. Naturally – yesterday Plzeň won the first game of new season in Czech Extraliga against Karlovy Vary 5:1. Although Jan Schleiss didn’t score a goal, his experiment from 46th minute of the game will be remembered.

Michal Belšán (Planet of Hockey): I expect that you are happy with this first game…
Jan Schleiss: „Of course we are happy that we had success in start of the league. It was great team effort. Everyone share the success, there was many fans supporting us. Great atmosphere, it went good yesterday.“

MB: Especially first win in first round and in derby. Do you appreciate it more?
JS: „Of course! Derby in first round, there was a big rivalry. A lot of fans, they were great! Derby is always big game and we are happy that we won it.“

MB: You were playing in fourth line with enforcer Ryan Hollweg and Michal Poletín. Was it good to play with them?
JS: „Hmm, it wasn’t bad. These guys are strong, so I am letting them fight for the puck in the corners. They do it great, so playing with them is very good, I can’t say anything bad about it.“

MB: I want to ask you about that experiment in 46th minute. I have seen that you are trying to do it on training too. So you planned it before?
JS: „I tried to do it like Mikael Granlund first, but defenseman Václav Benák was expecting it. That’s why I tried to do something else. It’s a pity that Václav was there.“


MB: Tomorrow you are going to play in Pardubice. What do you expect of this game?
JS: „Although we won the derby 5:1, we have to stay down and keep playing good like yesterday. With that great team effort. I am sure that it’s not gonna be easy. We will se. I hope that we will have some points from this game!“

Picture:, Milan Podpera